Dr Ganesh Rakh: The True Ambassador For Save The Girl Child Movement!

This mother’s day, I take the opportunity to introduce you to one of the most distinguished personality. He is not greeted with a salute by a cop when he is out on the roads neither is he followed by a trail of fans crying for autographs. But still Dr. Ganesh Rakh is one of the most important persons in this country.

He runs “Medicare Gynecology Hospital” in Pune’s Hadpsar area. In a densely populated country like India, this is considered a profitable business, so what’s the big deal in it?

Well, the big deal is, for Dr. Rakh this is not a business. He has voiced his concern for the girls in India by giving free medical assistance on the birth of a girl child.

In today’s scenario when doctors are caught playing the foul game of converting a normal delivery into a cesarean just for the sake of money, Dr. rakh has emerged as an angel by charging nothing whether it’s a normal {Rs. 10,000} or cesarean {25000} delivery of a girl child.

The possibility of a girl’s birth is 50% which means Dr. rakh provides free medical help to almost half the people.

When I asked what made him start such a noble cause, his answer threw a light on the dark underbelly of our society.

He was poignant, “According to my experience, when a boy is born in a family, it calls for a celebration. Relatives pour in in huge numbers to the hospital but sadly it is quite the opposite when a girl enters the family. Relatives disappear from the clinic. If a boy is born, sweets are distributed; the hospital bill is paid with a huge smile. But when a girl is born, they vehemently argue on reducing the bill amount. Questions are raised on every tit bit. The truth is, by a large section in this country, even today a girl’s birth is mourned rather than celebrated.”

“And so I decided that we will give free medical treatment on the birth of a girl. No disagreements, no harsh discussions. We even distribute sweets and give a warm welcome to a baby girl. Just putting posts about women power on social media and worshiping mother goddess doesn’t make a difference if in real life the birth of a girl is not welcomed with open arms and heart.”

Dr.Rakh also mentioned that many times, new borns need neo natal treatment. “If a boy is weak or disabled in any way, the family opts for the best possible treatment but in case of a girl, they prefer her to be dead rather than going through a treatment, which is appalling. And so we decided on giving neo natal treatment also free to girls.”

Let me tell you, he has not inherited any fortune from his forefathers. His father was a coolie. He says, “We manage this with whatever little we make.” The building in which he runs his hospital is not his own, but on rent. Right from the landlord, some consulting doctors, to the staff of the hospital, they all equally participate in this cause. Consulting doctors don’t charge them on the birth of a girl; staff people understand if they can’t withdraw their salaries on time.

It is rightly said, that there is more to kindness than signing cheques in public. Dr. Ganesh Rakh is a true ambassador of “save the girl child” campaign. And an inspiration for our society.


You can contact Dr Ganesh Rakh at:


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#1 Yatika Kohli on 01.10.16 at 10:16 pm

I am very much moved by this movement by Dr Rakh who is a true Rakshak.
I live in Canada and am currently doing MBA. I have brought visibility of this noble cause to the institution and hope that this can be transformed into something much larger

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