Creativity: Robotic Bird That Flies Like A Real One

Learning from the nature is not something new. Leonardo Da Vinci was watching birds closely to understand how they fly. But modern automation technologies have made it possible to mimic the nature in real detail. We can now go beyond observation and mimic the mechanisms and movements as well.

German company Festo specializes in automation and they have created a robot bird that flies! Festo's bionic learning projects are impressive. Apart from this bird you can also view a bionic kangaroo developed by them.

The Robot Bird

Creativity: Music From Garbage!

Here is most amazing video that I have seen in recent times. No! It's not about those cute cats and babies laughing. Here we see the power of creative thinking. How constraints can push us to create new solutions.

See garbage being transformed into musical instruments. And transforming ives in the process. It's really inspiring in many ways.

Watch it out! And share!

Engineer Infinite: An opportunity for the engineering students to showcase their talent!



As part of ELECRAMA 2014, Engineering students can showcase their talent in ‘Engineering Infinite’ contest.

As per their website: All ELECTROTECH Engineers from the following disciplines can take part:

Electronics, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Power, Production, Industrial Engineering and Computer Science/ Information Technology.

The participants must design a working model/ proof of concept of a path breaking, environmentally forward idea. It must have the potential to revolutionize the power/electrical energy sector.

You can team up with other innovators and present as a team. Winning entries will win a cash prize, citation and an opportunity  to display their concept to the electrical industry at the ELECRAMA exhibition.”


The deadline for submission is Sept 22, 2013.

Click here for the details.



Creative Empowerment: A Young Leader Shows The Way!

(Creativity Mission visited Punsari,  a high tech village in Gujarat India.  Some of the features here are: WI-FI, CCTV cameras, public address system, centralized RO water purification system. In this post we are going into the thought process of young Sarpanch Himanshu Patel, how he realized the creative empowerment of his village through innovative solutions.)

Read the Punsari introduction post here.

Creativity Mission, Punsari GujaratWhy a small village like Punsari needs such Hi-tech solutions? Does it help the village in true sense?

Answer is an emphatic yes. When Sarpanch (village leader) Himanshu bhai talks about his village you can sense that ‘yes’ not just in his voice, it is vibrating in his heart. It’s not a rhetoric, but a conviction deep inside.

He is only about 30 years of age with great respect for Gandhi Bapu (M. K. Gandhi) and Babal Bhai. He believes the village is a foundation to stronger nation and is creating one, which is strong in every sense.

The outsiders get enamored by high tech facilities, but for him these are just tools for empowering the villagers. He says. ” I never thought of leaving the village and going to a bigger town. If we can have facilities of a town and the values of  the village, why would anyone leave the village!”

It all started with public address system. He wanted to be connected with everyone in his constituency. With 100+ speakers in place, the Sarpanch and Panchayat (Village governing body) can pass on important information to the villagers on an immediate as well as continuous basis.

While the system plays religious songs and Gandhi Bapu’s slogans on a daily basis, it also announces new government schemes to villagers. “That’s the real reason for this system” he says. “I want my village people to take maximum benefit of these schemes. Now people have all the information even if they are in fields. They don’t have to come to Panchayat, we are reaching them!”

When a senior Doctor or officer  from district comes, everyone knows about it. They can schedule their life accordingly. People under poverty line who have to toil everyday are benefited the most because they can avail all schemes meant for them.

This can be a great system in times of natural disasters, social conflicts and other crisis moments. The government have seen this in action here and plan to replicate it in sensitive areas.

With Wi-Fi connectivity the students can submit their exam forms, know the results online. I immediately understood the importance after travelling to the village. The closest bus stop is 7 Km away!

This also helps in the basic Government school. You will be amazed to know that this school imparts education through audio visual medium! It’s unimaginable to anyone who have seen the sorry state of facilitates in govt schools.

The farmers can get their land documents available to them on a computer!

With CCTV cameras, the village is secure. It also helps the Sarpanch to know what’s happening in the village at any moment. With the Wi-Fi connectivity he can view the village activities on a tablet even if he is out. And he responds.

You will see the RCC roads clean. With CCTV cameras watching, no one dares to throw the dirt or papers, or spits on it.

It’s all about making a better village and empowering the villagers.

There are many remarkable things about this village.

The village has a toll free number. Villagers can call and record their complains and suggestions. Imagine the power in the hands of a labourer, or a farmer who can’t be absent from his work . They can just call and register the concerns. They also get a response by sms.


There is a RO water purification plant in the village. But that’s not enough, the purified water is delivered at every doorstep.

A tractor moves through the village and collect garbage from every house.

These are all efforts to create a better village. 100% homes have toilets. Drainage and sanitation is up to the mark.

Himanshu bhai tells me, “News cameras captures Wi-Fi and other high tech images but  journalists fail to see the real achievement of our village. Pregnancy mortality rate in our village is 0! Child mortality is 0! Mal-nutrition is 0! Child drop rate from school is 0!”

These are the real goals for the Sarpanch!

There is no big talk. Only A congruent young man doing his job.

Gandhi bapu would be proud of him!


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We Can Do Better! Much Better!

Revised: 15.3.2015

We see a strong sense of pride in India today.

So, I don't wonder when I see the social media postings about "It happens only in India!"

Now and then we read news stories of individuals achieving great feats, in spite of all barriers. A flurry of likes and shares on Facebook begins.

The comments if translated into an emotional equivalent says:

"Way to go India! Let's conquer the world!"

But let us take out the patriotic blinkers and have a look at the reality. We will soon realize, it's a race and there are many more countries competing with us. We might be faster than before, but not fast enough! In comparison to others we are getting back.

As per the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index:









It's no sign of a world leader!

Earlier we got ahead of countries like Brazil but now we are trailing them, even when they are falling themselves..

We are fond of comparing ourselves with the Chinese economy. They are at rank 28. Which is 41 ranks ahead of us. A huge difference.

In the survey countries are divided into various stages. We are in the 'factor' driven economy. The lowest category. We have to do a lot to increase our productivity as well as innovation efforts to get to the next level. 

Now there are 2 choices:

1: Some of us can outright discard these surveys.

Because it really looks like a paradox. We see so much energy in our youths. Entrepreneurial spirit is high. And yet we are lagging behind.

2: Let's take it as an indicator, get our act together and make the most of our resources.

What you suggest?

Links: For an in depth study here is the completer report for you -

It's better to lit a lamp than to
curse the darkness!

In a short span of time, we have achieved a lot. But a lot more has to be done. Let us get our act together. Let us make an environment where all of us can flourish and help each other grow.

Young India and a WI-FI Village!

Creativity Mission is identifying the creative sparks in India. During our research we came across a bright little spot in Gujarat.

Punsari Village in Sabarkantha district! 

DSC06777It is a technologically advanced village which can make all towns jealous. Under the leadership of young Sarpanch Himanshu Bhai Patel this village has made huge achievements. It is a story of a man and his vision transforming lives.

I scheduled a one to one meeting with Himanshu bhai and started for Punsari. Let me share some facts with you.

To start with, the whole village has Wi-Fi connectivity. There are 4 transmission towers to make sure the internet connection is good and working in every nook and corner of the village. All villagers can use the internet free. It is round the clock connectivity with unlimited usage at your hand.


When I reached Punsari, Sarpanch Himanshu Bhai Patel was not at home. His father gave me a warm welcome and demonstrated the Wi-Fi connectivity on his tablet!

It really took me some time to adjust my perception of an Indian village. An old villager was proudly showing me the achievement of his son and the village using the latest technology. It might be an early glimpse of the future India.

Himanshu Patel is just below 30 years, an arts graduate. I spoke to him at length. Grilled him with uncomfortable questions. Why do we need Wi-Fi and other technologies in a small village of about 6000 people? Are there not other priorities like health and sanitation? And many more questions.

He has a clarity of thoughts and approach. He shared his vision and the plan to me. While many outsiders look to the technology part they just don’t get the deeper logic.

His view is: technology is a tool which must be used not for its novelty but its usability. He wants to use the technology to empower the villagers.

In this post let me give you a sense of this village. Why Punsari village is awarded the best village in India!


Apart from Wi-Fi technology, another thing that will attract your attention is public address system. The whole village has these water proof speakers. Sarpanch can talk to the villagers from his office. Any important information can be passed on to the villagers immediately, without calling them at the panchayat ghar. In the morning and evening this system plays bhajans and kirtans (Religious songs) for the villagers.


If that’s not enough, the whole village is also fitted with CCTV cameras! We need this in Mumbai -Delhi and other towns more than anything else. The question is, if a village in the interiors can manage it, why our town planning people can’t achieve this.


Streets are well lighted using the solar panel technology.

We must also appreciate that all these facilities are created by the Punsari Panchayat and resources availbale to it. There is no outside charity or NRI funds involved here.

The village also have its own RO water purification plant, established with an investment of RS 30 lacs. Young village graduates manage it. Villagers get 20 Ltrs of this purified water for a mere Rs 4 at their doorsteps.


The village also has its own local bus service. And a website.

There is much more to this village than just technology. Sarpanch Himanshu Bhai told me, “People get so much enamoured with the technology that they can’t see the deeper plan here.”

mini bus

I will share the amazing thought process of Sarpanch Himanshu Bhai Patel in my next post soon.

Punsari truly deserves the best village award. What you think?  What lesson can our town planning experts learn from this village? 

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