A Humble Beginning!

Creativity Mission is a humble beginning to encourage creative thinking and support innovation efforts in India!

We believe, it's the creative intent which will help us all take a leap and create solutions which can make a difference.

Why The Creativity Mission?

It's interesting to note that we Indians are very creative people. Just take a notebook and barge into any panwala shop or the tea stall. Even in random talks we will find many interesting ideas. 

We will find a language which is colored with metaphors. Young guys put interesting twists to phrases and expressions. We will discover many advisers with their lofty ideas about how the country should be run...how poverty can be eradicated...how to live a happy life!

But the irony is, most of these ideas don't go further. When we spoke to people we realized there are 3 reasons:

1: We are not aware about our own great ideas! To us it is just a timepass. 

2: We believe making ideas happen is a tough task. It needs resources. The assumption is we don't have resources to convert these ideas in reality. 

3: Crisis and constraints often push us to creative solutions. We are at our creative best when it comes to finding solutions for day to day problems. But again we stop there. These little tweaks and AHAs are not developed into their true potential. 

​Our creativity is creativity of survival. We use our ingenuity to create solutions which can help us overcome the immediate problems. It makes life interesting. It helps us do things in spite of constraints. 

The Paradigm Shift​:

If we want to create wealth and happiness by using our ideas we need to shift the focus from 'creativity of survival' to 'creativity for growth'. We must start pushing ideas and begin to plan for making the most of our ideas.

To achieve this a collective effort is needed. Because while an idea can pop up in creative conversation, the people may not have the requisite tools, skills and resources to make it happen.

Creativity Mission is in an initiative to  connect the dots. We are the catalysts. We will provoke conversations, encourage ideas, connect those ideas with tools, skills and resources.

No idea should remain 'just an idea' because of lack of resources. Any idea worth its salt must get converted into real life results for the betterment of all.

We believe power of ideas can make a real difference. We are here to help create wealth and happiness with the power of ideas.

Join us in this effort. SMS: CM (Your Name) to 9820003092